Junior Agronomist

Wysocki Family of Companies is now hiring for a full-time Junior Agronomist! As a team member in an evolving precision farming environment, the Junior Agronomist contributes to developing land and crop production plans, creates custom GEO maps and uses spatial analysis to assist in land management and crop production. The role requires analysis of crop performance according to master plans with approved deviations. The role requires hands on work in operations during planting, growing and harvesting including farm applications and operating farm trucks and machinery. This role contributes to a precision farming environment and supports the goal of reducing inputs 20% and improving crop performance by 10%.  

This position offers competitive wages along with a rewarding benefits package that includes health, dental, vision, 401K with company match, tuition reimbursement, on the job training, paid military leave, and so many more! 

Minimum Qualifications
 BS in agronomy, soil science, botany, geography or commensurate combination of education and experience
 A basic understanding of farm technology and data control


1. Participates in the development of land and crop management plans. 

2. Creates custom GIS maps with boundaries including state, county, and township roads, and color codes according to crop. 

3. Uses geo referenced data and spatial analyses to assist with land management, improve crop production, reduce costs and limit risk from flood, drought, erosion and disease including evaluation of soil type, wind direction, rainfall amount, slope, aspect, topography, elevation, site suitability and drainage.

4. Researches and develops crop fertilizer plans aligned with food and operator safety protocols.

5. Enters field data in equipment software (ex. Climate Fieldview system, John Deere Ops, etc.)

6. Evaluates crop planting, growing and harvesting inputs and results using data from multiple farm sources and

personal observation.

7. Conducts evaluation of yield maps and calibrates the monitors for proper data flow.

8. Mixes chemicals for field applications and operates various farm machinery including but not limited to sprayers,

planters and combines in supporting of planting, growing and harvesting operations.

9. Occasionally drives trucks to haul seed or bulk loads of potatoes.

10. Records data into various software programs.

11. May troubleshoot and/or create work orders for maintenance repair when equipment breaks down.

12. Participates in and eventually lead seasonal student scouting team.

13. Respects and safely operates equipment as intended in operator manuals or company policy and applies

chemicals as required by the label.

14. Adheres to all food safety regulations and expectations of customer.

15. Responds timely to team members seeking information or direction on land, crop plans and maps.


Physical Requirements

Physical Activities: This position requires the ability to: ascend/descend various types of ladders and stairs; move oneself into different positions in various environments (sometimes tight and confined); bend, stoop, squat and kneel: reach for and lift objects above the shoulder; walk distances on firm, uneven and soft terrain; lift up to 50 pounds on occasion; communicate with others via voice/listening/response; repeat motions with the wrists, hands and fingers; operate machinery, power tools, vehicles and heavy equipment; visually inspect work in near/distant scenarios including need for peripheral vision and depth perception. 

Environmental Conditions: Physical activities may be performed in both indoor (office/shop/production areas) and outdoor environments (fields) which could include…low and high temperatures; precipitation and wind; noisy environments; potential exposure to chemicals/pesticides; dusty or poorly ventilated environments; darkness/low light. 

WFC is an EEO.