Long Term Substitute Homebound Teacher

Stevens Point Area Public School District
Job Description
Long Term Substitute - Special Education - 1.0 FTE
Charles Fernandez Center
This position requires a valid teaching license according to the Department of Public Instruction.
The Stevens Point Area Public School District offers Homebound instruction as deemed and/or appropriate as outlined in school board policy 342.2, “Request for program/curriculum modification”. Homebound instruction is a voluntary service but considered highly valuable. Through this program, students are able to receive instruction and continue their education while unavailable to be in the traditional environment.
The Homebound instructor will work with students identified with a medical or disabling condition to address their specific needs and/or reduce or remediate academic, social, emotional, or behavior needs so as to allow the individual student to derive full benefit from the District’s educational program and to prepare each student to be successful.
1. All educational experiences will be provided in accordance with the philosophical and legal intent of the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.
2. The policies of the Stevens Point Area Public School District shall be followed and adhered to by the special education staff.
3. The homebound instructor will report and account to the Director of Student Services and the District Homebound Coordinator.
A complete job description can be found on WECAN.
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