Jobs for High School Students - Culver's Restaurant(s) Stevens Point-Plover

Culver's Restaurant
Job Description
Parents!  We have jobs for your High School students ages 15 & up. Please consider just 2-3 shifts per week. Studies show that students who work actually get better grades & help strengthen college applications. In addition, a job will keep them supervised & busy. We will teach them responsibility, time management skills, independence & maturity. At Culver's we will treat your family like our family. Students can apply for VIP scholarships for continuing education & they do win! If your student is interested in this opportunity, we would love to have them become a part of our team. Apply at & click on Careers - click on any of our 3 locations in Stevens Point or Plover. With just 2-3 shifts per week, your student will have time for family, friends & extra-curricular activities. We are flexible and open minded to meet the needs of your student and Culver's.  
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