Electronic/Instrumentation Technician

McCain Foods
Job Description
Statement of Job
  1. This position minimizes unplanned downtime of production equipment. Duties range from routine maintenance to complex electrical troubleshooting and responsibility for calibrating, programming, installing and troubleshooting instrumentation such as temperature, pressure and level transmitters and control valves.
    Major Duties
  2. Uses complicated tools and instruments to operate, repair, adjust, troubleshoot, install, and fabricate electronic and electromechanical equipment.
  3. Programs PLC’s, PC’s.
  4. Designs and constructs controllers and circuit boards.
  5. Provides technical expertise to lower grade positions.
  6. Properly cleans up repair area to prevent contamination and product damage.
  7. Accurately completes required reports and records.
  8. Understands the concepts and participates in the techniques of the quality process.
  9. Perform work safely and in a timely manner.
  10. Install power distribution lines and equipment.
  11. Perform complex electrical repairs on equipment.
  12. Mechanical duties such as the removal of large electrical devices, using material handling devices, repairing the devices and re-installing repaired/new devices/work safely, follow NEC code practices and OSHA regulations.
  13. Have working knowledge of NEC code, 70E, its interpretation and implementation
  14. Provide feedback for engineers to help modify existing equipment and improve the design of future equipment
  15. Troubleshoot control systems throughout the factory
  16. Make repairs as required.
  17. Respond to trouble calls quickly.
  18. Performs other duties as assigned by supervision.
  19. Performing lubrication on factory assets will be required.
    Special Requirements
  20. Requires a high degree level of mental and manual skill, initiative and independence.
  21. Requires care to avoid injury to others or self, as well as avoiding damage to equipment and loss of product.
  22. Requires reasonable care to avoid major injury to others and serious injury to self.
  23. Must have good knowledge working on and identifying different types of motors.
  24. Must be experienced and competent working on variable frequency drives.
  25. Requires minimum of an associate degree in electronics or electrical related field and one year of factory experience.
  26. Journeyman status as an Electrician or be willing to attain Journeyman status in the State E&I Program.
  27. Minimum of 5 years of maintenance related experience.
  28. Experience with PLC, AC/DC motors, drives, controls, electrical switchgear, and 480-volt three-phase power distribution and starters.
  29. Ability to communicate (both written and verbal) complex and/or technical operations and procedures in terms easily understood by non-technical operators.
  30. Experience installing, maintaining, repairing, and troubleshooting of electrical equipment.
  31. Familiar with motor control wiring, electrical power distribution, and NEC.
  32. Candidate must have good understanding of electrical prints, schematics, and wiring diagrams plus be mechanically skilled and able to handle some mechanical maintenance jobs. 

Scope of Authority

  1. All employees have the right to question or refuse a work related directive that is unsafe.
  2. All employees are expected to take appropriate measures regarding employee, product or equipment safety.
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