Physical Therapist

Roberts & Associates Physical Therapy S.C.
Job Description
Our profession of physical therapy has never been better positioned to make a positive impact on society’s health as a whole. Roberts Physical Therapy is making that positive impact and we are looking to continue to build our team of high achievers. Our basic expectation is that all our physical therapists are Doctors of Physical Therapy who want to become a board certified clinical specialist. 75% of our therapists are also residency trained in orthopedics. As a Doctor of Physical Therapy, you will have autonomy in our practice to pursue specialty niche programs that interest you. Examples of niche interests that are currently being pursued include population health management, Parkinson Wellness Recovery, development of a comprehensive pain management program, and sports specific programming. Both residency and non-residency employment options are available.
So do you have what it takes to help us continue to push our profession forward? If so, feel free to contact Heather Carter at or at (715) 370-0506.
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