JR1903726 Medical Assistance Coordinator

Job Description
Medical Assistance Coordinators provide real time support and assistance to travelers. These needs could routinely include things such as replacement medications lost in travel, finding an English speaking medical facility abroad, or could involve more complex situations such as specialized medical evacuation home during a trip, or functioning as an emergency liaison between a traveler’s family and medical providers. We provide these services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and are seeking candidates to join our group, specifically to handle shifts between 9pm – 6am, including some weekend scheduling. We have a number of scheduling options available to provide candidates with good work/life balance in exchange for this challenging, fast paced, and often demanding environment.

Job Requirements:
Key qualities that we are seeking include some previous telephone service experience, general knowledge of world geography, solid critical thinking skills and an ability to effectively manage and prioritize tasks. Some familiarity with medical terminology as well as foreign language abilities are highly valued. These positions have the potential to earn an annualized salary of between $38,000-$44,000 per year, depending upon shift incentive scheduling.

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