Maintenance Mechanic Technician

McCain Foods
Job Description
Statement of Job
  1. Maintains, modifies and occasionally designs equipment layouts, estimates costs, and builds plant equipment under slight supervision. Responsible for the mechanical/electrical care, maintenance, operability of all associated equipment in accordance with safety, quality, specifications, federal guidelines and company policies.
Major Duties
  • Promotes job safety, and is an active participant in the development of plant safety goals, policies and procedures.
  • Uses complicated tools and instruments to operate, repair, troubleshoot, adjust, install and fabricate various types of machines and systems of the plant.
  • Performs assigned and emergency electrical work including but not limited to motor repair, gear boxes, disconnects, cords and connectors, phot eyes, solenoid valves, overload protection devices, temperature sensors, resetting scale buckets, etc.
  • Properly cleans up repair area to prevent product contamination, meet food safety guidelines and maintain a clean environment
  • Accurately completed required reports and records.
  • Understand the concepts and participates in the techniques of MCE and quality process.
  • Performing lubrication on factory assets will be required.
  • Provides technical expertise to fellow employees and advises them when needed.
  • Troubleshoot and maintain mechanical/electrical issues for all assets.
  • Has basic working knowledge of, interprets and implements OSHA, NEC/70 E codes, particularly in regards to working safely.
  • Works directly with project managers, engineers as required.
  • Performs other duties as assigned by supervision.
  • Responds to trouble calls routinely and efficiently.
  • Performs RCM related checks and services as assigned.
  • Develops work orders records and comments and performs related tasks within the CMMS system.
  • Must obtain a valid forklift license.
Special Requirements
  1. Requires a high degree of mental skill, a considerable to high degree of manual skill, and a considerable degree of initiative and independence.
  2. Requires a high degree of physical effort and occasionally working in awkward positions.
  3. Requires constant care to avoid moderate damage to equipment and considerable care to avoid moderate damage of product and serious injury of self and others.
  4. Must have own tools to perform related tasks safely.
  5. Requires an Industrial Maintenance Mechanic and/or Sate Mechanical Journeyman certification or previous experience and demonstrated competency. In addition, candidate will possess basic electrical knowledge, electrical/instrumentation tech school credits, OJT, or millwright mechanic coursework taken 2008 or later, or previous experience with demonstrated competency.
  6. Occasionally requires working outdoors and expose to very intense noise, chemicals and fumes.
  7. Experience or training on working safely with 480 volt three phase power. Basic knowledge of power distribution, control wiring and other related components. Basic understanding of how a PLC functions. Basic understanding of VFD functionality and servo or process controllers. Basic electrical troubleshooting and one-for-one component replacement skills. May include acknowledging and interpreting basic VFD faults. This position is not intended to include PLC, VFD, servo, or instrumentation installation or programming. The potion does include setting up codes on coders in applicable departments.
  8. Ability to communicate (written and verbally) complex and or technical operations/procedures in terms understood by non-technical operators.
  9. Periodically requires great physical and mental effort.
  10. Must have good understanding of mechanical, electrical prints, schematics, wiring diagrams associated with field.
  11. Must be proactive in following all PPE requirements for both trades. Including fire rated uniforms.

Scope of Authority

  1. All employees have the right to question or refuse a work related directive that is unsafe.
  2. All employees are expected to take appropriate measures regarding employee, product or equipment safety.
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