Shipping, Inventory, General Maintenance

Marten Machining Inc
Job Description
  • Shipping, Inventory, General Maintenance – Works with Operations Coordinator to support Shipping, Receiving, Inventory management and General Maintenance functions of the business.
  • This is an entry level position with potential for advancement to other higher level operations roles.
Job Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Schedule shipments and assist with loading/unloading shipments of parts, tools and materials.
  • Identify tools and materials upon receiving to accept into the company database system.
  • Pull parts from inventory to package and ship to customers.
  • Package and ship fragile parts of various sizes and shapes using creative methods to ensure parts are delivered undamaged.
  • Assemble and build wooden shipping containers.
  • Use computer systems and database programs to carry out data entry, shipping, receiving, and stocking operations. Use database system to locate items, track missing items, and fix inventory errors.
  • Use computer systems to monitor and track inventory levels and generate purchase requisitions when necessary.
  • Maintain organization and upkeep in shipping/receiving, inventory and manufacturing areas in the facility. This will include sweeping, moping and cleaning in and around machine tools.
  • Maintain facility equipment used for service and material handling.
  • Perform spot maintenance (sweeping, snow removal) on outside sidewalks/pathways to exterior doors.
  • Maintain inventory of laundered items and coordinate with laundry vendor to maintain inventory.
  • Maintain stock levels of general shop supplies.
  • Coordinate with supervisors to maintain stock levels of tools and consumable items.
  • Help organize and assemble finished parts and assemblies.
  • Help organize and catalog inventory items.
  • Perform routine miscellaneous tasks throughout entire facility. 

Skills Required:
  • Experience using computer programs to complete basic daily job functions such as email, spread sheet applications and shipping software.
  • Experience using database software for daily job functions.
  • Ability for critical thinking and problem solving as well as identifying potential problems and finding solutions.
  • Being detail oriented when dealing with shipping, inventory, and computer database tasks as well as dealing with mechanical concepts.
  • Ability to establish and maintain positive working relationships with supervisors and co-workers. 
  • Have an understanding of math and math related concepts.
  • Basic understanding of inventory methods and practices.
  • Have an understanding of shipping and part packaging methods and practices.
  • Ability to manage time and prioritize tasks in a fast paced manufacturing environment.
  • Must be able to lift 50 lbs.

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