Child Welfare Assistant (Limited Term)

Posted: 09/10/2020

The Portage County Health and Human Services department has limited term Child Welfare Assistant positions available ranging from 10 - 40 hrs / week through the end of 2020.

What is a summary of this position?

This position provides supervised and monitored visitation services for family interactions, safety checks, parent coaching and Home and Financial Management Services. Documentation will need to be completed to reflect all phone/email contacts with clients as well as to document visits, safety checks, and Home and Financial Management meetings. This position will also provide transportation and other supports to clients and children as needed to carry out court-ordered services to Portage County families engaged in the child welfare system.

What are the primary job duties:

Provides supervised and monitored visitation for families:

  • Arrange and coordinate supervised and/or monitored visits for parents and children
  • Be within sound or sight for supervised visits
  • Recognize unsafe parenting practices and intervene when safety concerns arise
  • Model and redirect parent to safe parenting practices
  • Contact parents, foster parents, in advance regarding visitation
  • Maintain regular communication with the assigned Social Worker
  • Report any safety concerns immediately to the Social Worker
  • Complete documentation for all visitations and provide transportation as needed

Conducts safety checks to clients’ homes including drug/alcohol monitoring:

  • Collects UAs and gives breathalyzer tests as requested
  • Conduct checks at homes and observe for safety concerns as requested
  • Report safety concerns immediately as requested and contact on-call for emergencies
  • Document all safety checks.
For a copy of the position description, email:

What are the minimum qualifications?
  • High school diploma or equivalency required
  • One year experience with child welfare programs or work with children and families strongly preferred
  • Knowledge of mental health and parenting skills strongly preferred
  • Experience dealing with challenging clients and/or children under emotional duress strongly preferred.

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This position isn't eligible for benefits due to it being a limited term position.

Portage County is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer