Big Iron Equipment Launches New Sister Company - Cold Iron Processing

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July 06, 2017
    Tired of parts and equipment breaking at stress points or wearing out sooner than expected?  Cold Iron Processing, Plover, WI introduces a trade secret, groundbreaking cryogenic process that raises the material substance of your equipment and parts to a level of performance beyond your wildest dreams.      This process realigns the molecular makeup of the materials at inherent stress lines, rendering them more wear-resistant and durable.  The result will extend their life and limit downtime required to replace worn materials.
    Thus far, Cold Iron Processing has enjoyed great success with equipment and parts in the manufacturing, forestry, automotive, and agriculture fields, projecting lifespan extensions of about two to three times the normal expectancy.  Our recipe for cryogenics can even be effective on plastic wear parts.  
Call or stop in today to see if Cold Iron Processing can help save you time and money. 715-345-7039
William Zelinski Jr, (715)344-3401