Marshfield Clinic Health System acquires Plover behavioral health practice

PLOVER – Marshfield Clinic Health System has acquired Oswald Counseling Associates Inc., in Plover, and will continue to operate the behavioral health practice as Marshfield Clinic Health System-Plover Counseling Center. With the purchase, Plover Counseling Center’s five masters-level therapists, who have a distinguished history of serving patients in the Plover area, will join the Health System.
Marshfield Clinic Health System CEO Dr. Susan Turney said the acquisition comes at a critical time when demand for mental health services is high in light of the effects of the pandemic. Turney added the acquisition continues a period of growth in the region for the Health System, which recently announced it would construct a new hospital attached to its existing clinic in Stevens Point. A new cancer center was opened by the Health System in Stevens Point in 2017.
“Bringing this experienced and highly-respected group of providers into our System will strengthen our network of mental health services offered across our service area,” Turney said. “Rural communities across the state and country face a pronounced deficit in access to mental health care compared to metropolitan areas. We are doing everything we can to ensure the communities we serve have those critical mental health services.”
Lynne Oswald, the long-time owner of Oswald Counseling Associates, will continue seeing patients for Marshfield Clinic Health System.
“We chose to align with Marshfield Clinic Health System because of our shared values. Care for individual clients and recognition of the innate worth of each human being is a core principle and practice for both of us,” Oswald said. “Integrating with a high-quality, large health system gives our practice new resources as we look to serve our patients and communities well into the future.”
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