Redevelopment Plans Move Forward on Historic Opera House in Stevens Point

Redevelopment plans are moving forward for the Stevens Point Opera House, also known as the Fox Theater, a culturally and historically significant building located in the historic downtown Stevens Point, WI. The City of Stevens Point’s finance committee, and the Redevelopment Authority have approved the intended use plan submitted by Wildcard Corp., a local technology company, and are finalizing a development agreement with the company.

When completed, the building will house a new business entity, The Opera House LLC., which will run the facility as a multi-purpose event and entertainment space. The intended use plan for the property centers around the creation of an open concept indoor/outdoor gathering space that highlights the unique history and cultural offerings of the local community. Ultimately, the goal of this redevelopment project is to re-invest in the local community and the infrastructure of the downtown area by creating a destination location that is family friendly and will draw in both local community members and new visitors to the area.  

While the back two-thirds of the historic building was razed in December of 2019, the remaining structure offers approximately 3,500 square feet of space on both the first and second floors, approximately 7000 square feet in total. The building still retains its historic façade and a second story ballroom and the property includes additional outdoor space extending off the back of the building that will also be utilized. 

While the uses and owners of the building have changed throughout the years, one constant has been the emotional connection citizens feel towards the building as a visual and cultural centerpiece of the historic downtown. Wildcard recognizes the significance of this redevelopment initiative, stating, “The Opera House is interwoven in the history of Stevens Point, and it is our goal that it continues this legacy, long into the future, as a functional, sustainable, safe, healthy and vibrant space for many generations to come.”