Transportation Options in Portage County

CAP Services and Central Transportation compiled the below list of services for employees who need assistance with transportation. Bus Service: Central Transportation, which offers city and county transportation services, operates fixed bus routes in Stevens Point, Whiting, and the Crossroads Commons area of Plover. Central Transportation also offers paratransit services within the city fixed route area for individuals who have a disability who are unable to use fixed route buses. Hard copies of maps are available from Central Transportation and on the city buses. Residents can also find maps and pricing information at this link:

Residents can contact Central Transportation for one-on-one training to learn about their travel options and how to use public transportation. This service is free of charge. Central Transportation can provide group presentations for agencies, employers and employees to learn about transportation options in Portage County. Contact Central Transportation at 715-341-4490 and ask for the Mobility Coordinator.

Taxis: Courtesy Cab and Plover Taxi provide taxi service in Portage County. Courtesy Cab operates daytime and evening services. Contact 715-342-8863 to learn more. Plover Taxi offers Plover Shared Ride Taxi Service. Rides must originate in Plover and be during daytime hours. Contact 715-342-1313 or visit the website, found at or by googling Plover Shared Ride Taxi Service. Uber and Lyft, ridesharing companies which operate across the US through independent contract drivers, are also available on a limited basis in Portage County. These services must be accessed by downloading the app or visiting their websites.

Bicycles: Some residents travel to work by bicycle. Employees who are unable to afford a new bicycle can purchase a used bicycle in good condition from Shifting Gears, a JusticeWorks program. Contact 715-344-3677. Shifting Gears can discount bicycles if the person is unable to afford one. All city buses are equipped with bike racks.

Car Repair Loans: The In a Fix Program, operated by Portage County Emergency Services, provides funding for car repairs to income-eligible residents that are working a minimum of 20 hours a week. Residents can contact In a Fix at 715-344-7438.

Auto and Consumer Loans: CAP Services runs the Work-N-Wheels Program in Portage County to help people under 200% of Federal Poverty Guidelines and working at least 20 hours/week with access to zero-interest car loans of up to $5,000. Learn more at

In addition to running the Work-n-Wheels program, CAP Services also offers credit builder loans ($300 to $1,000). Residents can apply for small loans to help them meet their needs or access new opportunities. This could include costs associated with securing transportation to work, such as purchasing a bicycle or select car repairs.

Contact Solita Franc, Lending Coordinator, at 715-343-7110 or for more information about auto and consumer loans.

Food Share Employment & Training (FSET): To be eligible for FSET, residents must be at least 16 years old and receiving FoodShare. Contact 715-345-5925 to learn more. FSET can then provide assistance with transportation for the first 90 days of employment. Assistance may include gas cards (for the employee or someone that they are carpooling with) and bus passes for employment-related activities. Individuals must enroll in the FSET program before they get a job in order to qualify for this assistance. FSET can also assist with job searches.

Ridesharing: Ridesharing is a way for small groups of employees to travel to and from work together. Some employees set up informal carpools. In addition, companies can assist their employees in setting up a formal carpool or vanpool.

The State of Wisconsin offers a free service called Wisconsin Rideshare. Individuals and employers can access or call 262-521-5454 for assistance setting up carpools and vanpools. Through this service, an employer can create a customizable company page to help employees sign up. Vanpools can be operated by different entities (e.g. the business itself, a local transportation company, or a nonprofit).

Enterprise, a vehicle rental company, offers a commuting program. The program connects coworkers, assists with developing routes, and provides a vehicle and full insurance. Enterprise can set up flexible payment models that are month-to-month. Companies can partially or fully subsidize the program or offer pretax payroll deduction. Contact Valerie Hoff at or 608-213-0725 to learn more.

Intercity Transit: Lamers Connect provides inter-city bus transit. This includes a Wausau-Stevens Point-Waupaca-Appleton-Oshkosh-Milwaukee route and a Wisconsin Rapids-Stevens Point-Westfield-Portage Amtrak-Madison route. These routes only run once a day in each direction. Learn more at or by calling 866-552-6377.