We’re Listening: Rebranding Community Care Starts with Your Feedback

March 19, 2021 - Family Health La Clinica community health center began offering free health services to migrant farmworkers in rural Central Wisconsin in the 1960s. The core of their mission was simple: connect people to quality healthcare. Through the decades to today, and with the help of donations, grants, and a lot of hard work, Family Health La Clinica now offers comprehensive health services connecting communities to quality medical care, dental care, and mental wellness care.  
Today they serve 10 Wisconsin counties, are the top children’s dental provider, and deliver care for migrant and seasonal agricultural workers all across Wisconsin. While you will still find the mobile health clinic providing services to farmworkers at agricultural housing and worksites, Family Health La Clinica has grown significantly in services offered and geographic reach since its early days.  
What’s next for this organization?   
Family Health La Clinica is working to improve its digital accessibility with a new website and a brand that better represents their organization as it stands today. The goal? Address perceived barriers to quality healthcare and continue to serve the community.  
Laura Waldvogel, Family Health La Clinica’s Chief Executive Officer, says, “The healthcare system is complicated and can be stressful to navigate. We see people postponing care, so we are building on the legacy established eighty-plus years ago to amplify our mission’s message, ‘no matter who you are, you are welcome here.’ It’s that simple.”  
How can you help?                                                                                                                        
Community advocates built Family Health La Clinica, and they want to carry on that tradition by asking the community to help craft their next chapter. They are asking that people take 3 minutes to share feedback through an online survey at www.famhealth.com/survey. Everyone is encouraged to participate, whether you are a patient, community member, or staff member.  
Survey respondents can sign up for updates, so if you want to see the aggregate survey data and how it was utilized in the building of the new brand, you can simply opt-in during the survey. You also can share thoughts anonymously. You can expect to see a new website and brand-new look later this year.  
Does your household need care?   
Family Health La Clinica wants you to know that you are welcome. They have clinics in Wautoma, Stevens Point, Mauston, Friendship, and Beaver Dam, offer telehealth appointments, and operate a mobile health clinic. They accept most forms of insurance and offer a sliding fee scale for services. Most importantly, they want to remind you that everyone is welcome, regardless of ability to pay. So even if you do not have health insurance, you can access their health services. They can even help you find a health insurance plan that’s right for you for free!  
Anyone with questions about services, locations, availability, or COVID-19 testing or vaccination is encouraged to call them directly at 1-800-942-5330. You can also visit their website at famhealth.com for more information or follow them on social media @fhlcchc. Family Health La Clinica is proud to be your community health center!