Software Quality Specialists

Posted: 03/17/2023

Job Location: Stevens Point, WI - Corporate Office 

Starting Salary:  $45,045.26 - $56,306.64

Deadline to apply - March 31, 2023 

Are you the type of person who has developed an affinity for seeking out problems and turning them into solutions?  
Software Quality Specialists are quality advocates to a development team. They are involved with product change design, assisting developers with identifying and limiting risk, data development to test changes, and confirming the changes meet acceptance criteria. Their task is to define and test the limits of software functioning, to ensure the software functions are as intended without error.

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Software Quality Specialist Job Description


Key attributes of a Software Quality Specialist are:

  • Strong attention to details, including following written procedures.
  • Critical thinker and questioning mind, able to identify issues and possibilities beyond project definition.
  • Interpersonal skills and able to work well within a team environment.
  • Accuracy in work habits and data entry.
  • Verbal communication skills to express issues related to completion of project.
  • Written communication to document issues found in testing.
  • Able to learn product functionality and apply it to testing situations.
  • Sufficient product navigation knowledge to be able to quickly test product changes.