Old National announces $1 million in donations following Louisville tragedy

LOUISVILLE, KY, April 24, 2023 – Today, Old National announced $1 million in total donations in response to the tragic April 10 event at its downtown Louisville location. $600,000 of the total will go to provide additional support and care for those impacted while the remaining gifts demonstrate Old National’s immense gratitude to the entire community and particularly to the many heroes who emerged.
Donation distribution:

The “Love for Louisville ONB Survivors Fund” directly benefits Old National team members and their families who were victims of the attack. This newly established fund will be managed by the Community Foundation of Louisville in partnership with the National Compassion Fund (NCF). 100% of donations collected will go to those impacted. All funds donated will be distributed to the families of the deceased victims, injured survivors and for care to those who were present and experienced psychological trauma.
“Old National is committed to providing continued care and support to all our impacted team members and the families of those who lost their loved ones,” said Old National Bank CEO Jim Ryan. “We are grateful to our friends at the Community Foundation of Louisville for establishing this additional source of support for those impacted. This newly created fund will provide an opportunity for those yearning to help to have a direct impact.”
“From law enforcement representatives who risked their lives to first responders and the amazing team at the University of Louisville Hospital Trauma Center, there were so many brave and selfless individuals who emerged to care for our Old National family members,” said Jim Ryan. “We hope that these gifts reflect our immense gratitude for these heroes and our appreciation for the work of the American Red Cross to ensure life-saving blood is available during the most critical time of need.”
Ryan also noted the tremendous and overwhelming support that has been displayed since the days following the tragedy along with a strong desire by friends, team members, partners and community members to provide care through action. For those who have the means, we encourage donating to the organizations listed at the beginning of this release and/or providing support by giving the gift of life through a blood donation. More than anything, Ryan asked that members of the community help keep the memories of those who perished alive by “loving more, caring more deeply and supporting one another unconditionally.