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Choir Teacher (Middle School and High School)

Posted: 04/21/2024


Job Description



I.    Religious Atmosphere


    A.    Provide a good Christian model and example in one’s attitudes and actions.

    B.    Encourage spiritual growth in students by developing inner discipline, character, morals and values.

    C.    Provide leadership in living and celebrating life and liturgies.

II.    Teaching Responsibilities


    A.    Prepare daily lesson plans in all required subjects.

    B.    Prepare instructional activities allowing for individual differences among the students assigned.

        1.    Use small groups and individualized instruction as a mode of instruction.

        2.    Provide opportunities for the enhancement of the students’ self-concepts.

        3.    Assist individuals to resolve learning difficulties.

    C.    Develop evaluation techniques that are appropriate to class and individual objectives.

        1.    Prepare adequately for parent conferences.

        2.    Keep a reliable set of records in order for review by administrator, department chair and parents.

        3.    Call for case conferences with resource personnel whenever consultation with the administrator determines need.

    D.    Encourage integrated instruction whenever possible.

        1.    Plan experiences which include various disciplines.

        2.    Incorporate the humanities and fine arts.

        3.    Provide opportunities for critical thinking, problem-solving and the development of study skills.

    E.    Provide a secure and comfortable learning environment.

        1.    Maintain a neat classroom.

        2.    Encourage a love of learning.

        3.    Prepare attractive bulletin boards and display students’ work.

    F.    Take responsibility for the care of instructional materials and equipment.


III.    Supervising Responsibilities


    A.    Responsible for supervising students in accordance with the building regulations established.

        1.    Provide supervision in the areas to which his/her students are assigned.

        2.    Encourage students to conduct themselves in the manner and mode of conduct which has been defined as acceptable by the administrator and staff.

        3.    Accept and perform supervisory duties as assigned.

        4.    Supervise and discipline regardless of grade level.

    B.    Share responsibility for the safety and health of each child.

IV.    Professional


    A.    Responsible to carry his/her share of professional duties as assigned by the administrator.

        1.    Attend all faculty, in-service, home-school and parish meetings according to the areas of responsibility.

        2.    Actively participate in school committee assignments.

        3.    Earn and maintain Religious Certification.

    B.    Responsible for continued personal and professional growth.

        1.    Complete necessary credits to keep teaching license updated.

        2.    Read professional magazines to stay updated in the field of education.

        3.    Attend workshops and seminars in related fields for personal and professional development.


V.    Grade Level Responsibilities


VI.    Responsible to comply with all areas addressed in the contract and policies of the Diocese of La Crosse..


VII.        Perform any other duties as may be necessary and assigned by the building Administrator, Principal, and/or President of Pacelli Catholic Schools


Benefits for Pacelli Catholic Schools Staff:

  • Health, Dental, and Vision Insurance available to full time staff following the first month of employment. 

    • Pacelli pays a portion of the monthly premiums

  • Life Insurance is paid 100% by Pacelli

    • Voluntary life, accidental, and disability insurance is available

      • These premiums are paid for the by employee 

  • Tuition/Child Care discounts

    • If you have a child enrolled within PCS, you can receive up to a 50% tuition discount and a discount for children 2-4 enrolled in the Early Childcare Center

  • Book Studies

    • We usually have 2-3 book studies per year - this is voluntary

      • Each book study pays up to $225

  • Our retirement plan (403b) is through Mutual of America

    • Full time employees

      • PCS will contribute 1% base per pay period to this account

      • If you contribute to this plan, PCS will match up to an additional 2% 

        • You must contribute at least 2% for PCS to contribute 2%

  • Endowment payments 

    • Must be employed for at least one year before receiving

  • Staff Appreciation Dinner

  • Full time staff receive 64 hours of sick time per year and 16 hours of personal time

    • sick time can roll over annually

    • personal time does not roll over

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